It’s Scholarship!

14 Mei

p:every people has their biggest obsession in life. My first obsession was trip to Santorini for Honeymoon with my future husband. I know, that”s waaay to… too much LOL. Well who fuckin cares? It’s my obsession right?

Santorini is my dream

But, when one of my lecture told his experience of the scholarship-academy life, i’m convince my self to throw the Santorini as a dream rather than an obsession. So my first obsession is now GET A SCHOLARSHIP ! I need to study harder and prepare for everything.


I’m going to take english and french/germany courses for the next semester,

I’ll choose Hotel Major where it has the biggest and never ending  job prospects,

I’m going to take Hotel & Tourism Management scholarship in Switzerland or Australia

Study hard and get the Cumm Laude, AMEEN! (Well, it really is the hardest part) 😀


FYI, There are some website that will guide you to the scholarship world

or you can visit the embassy website of the country that you would like to apply for the scholarship 😀


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